Pool maintenance equipment near the pool

Pool Openings/Closings: Sometimes getting ready for the summer season or closing for the winter can be the most time staking commitment of the year.  Need not worry about the assembly or disassembly of filters and pumps, startup systems, the installation of all your boards and ladders and slides. Whether its bringing that water to usable life with proper ph balance and crystal complexion, or draining, flushing, and covering for dropping winter temperatures, you can rest assured there is no more experienced team for the job.

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Vacuums: Once your pool is open and ready for the season it will need to be maintained. Keeping proper chemical balance is not always an easy task, and we don’t want you burning your eyeballs out when your goggles suddenly flood. Not to mention that brushing and vacuuming is a timely endeavor we often forget about amidst our busy summer schedules.  So don’t worry about it, take that lunch date in Greenport or Southampton, we’re here for you.

Saltwater Conversions: There are many advantages to converting your chlorine system to a salt water setup, and I promise, you won’t feel like you’ve just gotten out of the Peconic Bay when you schlep to the lounge chair for a tan. In addition, saltwater pools also require much less maintenance, and can be an effective way of cutting overall and long term costs.

Pump and Filter Installations/Repairs: The Zuhoski Team has been in the pool business for over 15 years, and we can repair or install just about any hardware you might have, need, or want.

Heater Installation/Repairs: As Dorothy of Southold would say…Toto, we’re not in Florida anymore! This is the best way to eliminate the cold water dance from your daily swim routine, and besides, who doesn’t NEED a heated pool.

Advanced Leak Detection: No one is better at maintaining the quality and care of your pool, and proper equipment checks and preventative measures are key in this process. Leave it to the professionals, and it will pay off in the longevity and overall long-term costs in keeping one of your biggest investments in good condition.

All Chemicals and Supplies: We supply them all, and even better, hand delivered to your door or your pool.